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Customize any gift card with a unique personal image + message, mailed in a festive envelope for them to unwrap and enjoy…

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  • The Good

    Gift cards are awesome in so many ways. Convenient to buy. Budget-friendly. Schmoopy gets to buy whatever they want.

  • The Answer!

    We decided to fix all that with an online design tool that allows you to personalize your gift card with a unique photo and a custom message. You make it special and we’ll snail mail it for you in a delightful envelope for them to unwrap. It’s retro. Unexpected. Has a real stamp!

  • The Bad

    But they are also generic. Impersonal. Seen as a gift of last resort. That’s not what you want in a gift! (as I’m reminded frequently by my spouse.)

Wing Shep


We can customize a gift card for any of your friends or loved ones, no matter what they're into. Give them a gift to pursue their passion. Personalize your gift card today!

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Gift giving 101: A perfect gift must be

  • Quick and easy to buy
  • Unique and shows that you care
  • Fun to unwrap
  • Useful
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Our customizable gift cards check all the boxes.

And they freakin’ LOVE it!