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Five Impressionable Ways To Present A Gift Card.

Meta description: Here are five ways to gift your loved ones gift cards without taking a hit on what lasting impression gifts should come with.

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Gift cards are lifesavers.

Sometimes, we might find it hard to choose the perfect gift for our loved ones. The best gifts, however, are the thoughtful ones. Choosing a gift is dicey, and we could pick what our loved one does not need and thereby not evoke the emotion we seek to give them with our gifts. A gift card tackles this unsavoury probability by providing our loved ones with the capital to get exactly what they need.

However, gifting them gift cards as they come can look bland and make them fall short among other gifts they got. But, with some thoughtfulness and a dash of creativity, a gift card you present to your loved one can skyrocket in sentimental value.
Here are five fun ways to gift your gift cards.

Go Custom

Picking a gift card off the rack in a store is not so bad. It still shows your kind gesture. But do you want to know what will be received better? A custom gift card.

With a custom gift card, it is totally up to you to choose what the card looks like and the message it conveys. Here, you can tap into your relationship with your loved one to design a card that will make them smile—a bigger smile than one borne of receiving a monetary gift. A custom gift card radiates effort and thoughtfulness.

A custom gift card is also perfect for conveying a particular greeting you want to give out at that time. Even if you could not get it more personalized, a custom gift card with a “Merry Christmas!” or a birthday wish is better than a bland one.

Be Specific

Gift cards can be open-loop or closed-loop. Open-loop gift cards can be used in any retail store that accepts that brand of card as a form of payment. However, that is too generic, isn’t it? Therefore, be specific. Go closed-loop.

Close-loop or single-store gift cards can only be redeemed at a particular website or a retail store. Rather than just choosing the first gift card you see, look back and hone into one of your loved one’s interests or hobbies or skills. Do they love to bake? A gift card is thoughtful so they can get new baking utensils or equipment. Is your niece crazy about makeup? A Sephora gift card will definitely come in handy. Your dad loves Mexican dishes. Get him a Chipotle gift card.

Although single-store gift cards limit the purchasing power of the recipient but, if they are chosen right, they are beautiful gifts. They show that you see them and know what they need whilst still giving them autonomy.

In case you are worried about a particular store not being able to serve your recipient well, you can opt for category gift cards. Category gift cards preserve the experience you want your recipient to feel without limiting them to a particular store which can be a hassle.

However, they are more expensive because of activation fees. Examples are Dining Everywhere, Fuel Everywhere, Movies Everywhere gift cards.

Present Uniquely

Finding a unique way to present gift cards makes it much more fun for everybody. Both you and the recipient. You are excited to watch the reaction of your loved ones, and they are intrigued by the presentation even when they know a gift card might be lurking somewhere in there.

Presenting your gift cards with a fun, inexpensive gift can help. For example, you could purchase or curate a jar of their favourite candies with the gift card lying at the bottom of the jar. Then, wrap a bow around the neck of the jar, and it just gives a better experience.

How about snow globes? You can hide a gift card in one for your nephew and present it to them. Opening a gift box, all for a helium balloon with a gift card attached to it, will be delightful to anyone.

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